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Detects color and intensity using customer-specific specifications: CIELab Color Sensor PR0128

The CIELab Color Sensor PR0128 from PREMOSYS is a precision color detection system with built-in high power light source for detecting media in the visible range of light.

It detects the slightest color nuances and features extremely high long-term stability. Up to 64 completely different products in colors from white to black can be independently parameterized and tested without having to change any parameters or gain settings.  

Precise color comparison in production

This sensor for high-precision and long-term stable detection is used to compare colors in industries such as automobile assembly, foods and beverages, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Numerical values for intensity and color

The color and intensity of the test objects can be given independently of each other with tolerances in dL (Delta L for intensity) and dab (Delta ab for color). The software then calculates the complete dE. Interference from ambient light is for the most part compensated for in the circuitry. All operating parameters are permanently stored in the sensor. 

A Windows low-leve DLL is available for integration into other programs. 

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Technical data CIELab Color Sensor PR0128