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Ready for Industry 4.0: LED Test Systems eFLAT-II

The newest generation of the eFLAT-II test systems is equipped for the future. The performance capability of the system is so high that color and intensities can be tested even for PWM LEDs such as used in the automotive sector.

These LED test systems are used for relative and/or absolute measurement of the optical properties of LEDs with respect to colors and intensities as well as for testing flashing LEDs. Various systems cover a range of applications for parallel and sequential testing of very dark to high-output light sources. 

The eFLAT-II systems are designed for very fast, parallel and automatic testing of both the color and intensity of LEDs, displays, dashboard lights and other light sources. The color testing system covers the entire spectrum of visible light from dark to the brightest LEDs and provides highly precise color analysis and intensity detection with outstanding repeat accuracy and simple operation. The sensitivity of eFLAT-II is 3.5 to 10,000,000 Lux. 

eFLAT-II systems are suitable for temperature and endurance testing of LED lights and for detecting the frequency of pulsed light sources. A convenient PC tool is available for setup and testing. The network interface makes the system ready for Industry 4.0 

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