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Secretary General of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate Patrick Schnieder visits Premosys

On June 13, 2017 Patrick Schnieder, Secretary General of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate and member of the Bundestag, visited Premosys GmbH together with state representative Gordon Schnieder.

Photo: Patrick Schnieder, Matthias Kuhl, Gordon Schnieder (left to right)

Their discussion centered around the further development of the company with respect to products as well as the move from the company’s former headquarters in Wiesbaum to the new technical center in Kalenborn-Scheuern. The previous space is insufficient for continued growth, and production and development capacity does not allow for expansion. Therefore a new technical center is being constructed which will meet the needs of the foreseeable future. After a tour of the current facilities the new technical center was inspected.

Patrick and Gordon Schnieder were deeply impressed by the project, a prime example for optimal working conditions and ecological industrial construction.

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