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High-precision detecting of color and intensity: CIELab Color Sensor PR0126-C

The CIELab Color Sensor PRO126-C from PREMOSYS handles the most demanding industrial applications in color detection. The sensor compares colors in industries such as automotive, foods and beverages, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The sensor sets the bar in color resolution and stability. Setting tolerances in the L*a*b* color space lets you classify and differentiate even the most challenging colors. Parallel detection of all three color channels and the special measuring principle result in high suppression of ambient effects. 

Set tolerances as a numerical value

The color and intensity of the test objects can be set as a numerical value independently of each other with tolerances in dE (color and intensity).

All operating parameters are permanently stored by the system. A Windows low-level DLL makes it easy to incorporate into other programs. 

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Technical data CIELab Color Sensor PR0126-C