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LabView driver for eFLAT series available

A driver for the eFLAT series has been developed for LabView from NI.

Illustration: Example VIs

The drivers support LabView and ensure rapid incorporation of the systems into the LabView programming environment from National Instruments. Access to the devices for configuration and for performing a measurement is simulated in individual VI modules.


The following features are included:

  • Developed in accordance with National Instruments guidelines
  • Supports LabView Version 2010 and higher
  •  Includes drivers for the 32-bit version of LabView
  • Uses serial interface and Ethernet for communication with eFLAT
  • Example VIs for configuring the device and performing measurements
  • Documentation (English) for the commands and parameters within the VIs and in context-sensitive help.


The drivers are available in various versions for the following series.