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Minister President Malu Dreyer visits Premosys

Rhineland-Palatinate Minister President and acting Bundesrat President Malu Dreyer visited Premosys on July 10, 2017 in the new technical center in Kalenborn-Scheuern.

At the nearly completed new facility the Minster President was highly impressed by the products and solutions, and noted at the end: We are also the country of global players and hidden champions – Premosys is one of these! Products from our country are used everywhere in the world, and Premosys is a supplier of companies active around the globe.


The Minister President was particularly excited by the sustainable and environmentally friendly design of the new company building in the Vilkaneifel. This new construction is a prime example of energy efficiency and resource conservation with a positive energy balance. The entire electric power needed for operating the building is obtained from solar panels, and in turn is used for operating geothermal equipment and for general use. 


More Information: (SAT.1 video contribution)