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On-Line color measuring system for production and laboratory: CIELab Color Checker PR0086-S

The on-line color measuring system CIELAB Color Checker PR0086-S from Premosys is designed for absolute color accuracy and ideal for smooth and highly reflective or non-homogenous surfaces.

A color measuring system for many industries

In the plastics industry for example it checks the color and coating of films and the color of granulates. In the foods industry it monitors for example the seasoning level of potato chips.  

Product-specific calibration

An absolute calibrated reference spectrometer is used for factory calibration. The absolute accuracy for product-specific calibration is less than 0.3 dE. The relative accuracy, including between systems, is less than ± 0.5 dE. Whether the factory calibration or user calibration, absolute values can be achieved that are equal to spectrometers. 

Precise measurement even in harsh production environments

This extremely rugged system is simple to integrate into production environments – even harsh ones. An air fitting ensures constant measuring conditions even in dusty and misty surroundings. 

For integration into other programs such as LabView, Premosys has developed a Windows low-level DLL. 

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