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QuickMatch from PREMOSYS: A complete system for in-line color measurement

The QuickMatch system provides long-term stable in-line color measurement in production facilities. Areas of application include production processes for foods and beverages, plastics, granulates, films and many more. This system is ideal for in-line color measurement in extruders for plastics or foods for example.

The color measurement and metering control on the plasticized molding compound in the extruder minimizes color deviations in the product already in the production process, but requires a sensitive measuring system suitable for the ambient conditions in the area of the extruder nozzle.

The system must measure color deviations quickly and be able to exclude disturbance variations. An extruder probe is used for color measurement on the plasticized molding compound. This optical sensor measures the homogeneity of nearly any liquid, molten and powdered media up to 400 °C. Special optics are used for in-line color measurement outside the extruder.

In addition to precise color values, the homogeneity of the colors and thereby the process stability are monitored.



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