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Minister for the Environment Ulrike Höfken visits Premosys

Rhineland-Palatinate Minister for the Environment Ulrike Höfken visited Premosys on May 19, 2017. The reason for her visit was to become familiar with the products designed and produced by Premosys in these times of ever dwindling natural resources. Far-reaching uses for these systems include the targeted fight against non-beneficial crops.

Photo: Heike Bohn, Karin Pinn, Ulrike Höfken, Matthias Kuhl, Dietmar Johnen, Gordon Schnieder, Astrid Schmitt, Stefan Mertes (from left to right)

With Minister Höfken in attendance Premosys was presented with the 2017 Environment and Innovation Prize by Dietmar Johnen, head of the Vulkaneifel district chapter of Alliance ‘90/The Greens. The prize is intended to recognize outstanding projects and companies. To Dietmar Johnen from Alliance 90/The Greens, this award is especially important for presenting projects such as this to the public.

The jury, comprised of  NABU (Germany’s largest nature conservation NGO), Greens district chapter for Vulkaneifel, and the Interest Group of Eifelvulkane, selects the winner. Premosys received the award for the development of innovative technology for conservation of resources in the interest of protecting nature and the environment.


Following the award ceremony visitors were able to meet and visit the exhibition, where Premosys is showing their own products and developments.