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Premosys installs defibrillator at their business premises

“DEFIBS SAVE LIVES“ – in keeping with this slogan Premosys has installed a defibrillator in their main building.

Photo: defibrillator

Photo: defibrillator

A sobering statistic: Every person during the course of his life loses four of his relatives or close friends to sudden cardiac arrest. In Germany, this claims 100,000 persons annually. On the scale of Europe, this would be like two fully occupied jumbo jets crashing every day. And yet many, if not most, of those affected could be saved! Therefore, Premosys has installed such a device in order to respond to emergencies with employees or visitors.

The procedure must be administered within the first 3 to 5 minutes in order to be successful. Only then is the probability very high for reviving a person without irreversible damage.