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Premosys technical center awarded climate protection plaque

Trier, Kalenborn, November 8, 2017: Responding to climate change and its consequences is one of the great global challenges. District Administrator Thiel presented the Climate Protection Plaque of the Rhineland-Palatinate Energy Agency to Matthias Kuhl, Managing Director of Premosys. This is in recognition of the company’s new construction, which as a low energy consumption structure is making a contribution to climate protection.

Übergabe der Klimaschutzplakette „H.ausgezeichnet“

Countries from around the world are currently meeting in Bonn to discuss concrete measures for achieving the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Think global, act local – this could be the heading for the new construction by Premosys.
In Germany the building sector accounts for around 40 percent of total energy consumption. Every new construction in which the technically achievable solutions for minimizing energy needs are consistently implemented sees operating costs reduced. The economic payback of such buildings in which the highest energy standards are implemented is often seen after just a few years. “The initial investment costs are high, but they are amortized in a very short time,” says Matthias Kuhl.  The medium- and long-term benefits of the building are also very high.


Sustainability in the building sector

Matthias Kuhl made a conscious decision for this building approach after an intensive discussion with the former Economics Minister Eveline Lemke. “She got me to thinking that sustainability doesn’t only apply to our own products, but in our case for a building as well,” remarks the Managing Director of Premosys. “Our employees feel really well in the building with its good climate control and outstanding working conditions.” The new construction expanded the area of the technical center from 850 m2 to 1400 m2, while electricity costs remained the same as for the old facility. “This is already a significant cost reduction per square meter,” as Matthias Kuhl notes.

In the coming months the energy management of the company will tap all the potential benefits. A photovoltaic system, combined with a large high-temperature accumulator, contributes to the energy supply. Geothermal and a high-efficiency heat pump together with an air conditioning system with heat recovery provide heat for the building; in summer the geothermal system is used for cooling.


Imitation encouraged

It was a sensible and correct decision for this KfW-55 rated building, as Matthias Kuhl summarizes. Doing something for the environment  - along with the long-term effect of a cost savings – was important for him. “I can only encourage any company or private household to take the same approach,” explains the Managing Director.

District Administrator Heinz-Peter Thiel has been familiar with the building since its opening at the beginning of August 2017 and is enthused about the various efficiency measures. “This distinction in the form of the Climate Protection plaque honors the efficient construction of the technical center and the dedication of Premosys,” says Thiel.
A project description as well as the technical data for the building can be found in the Energy Atlas of Rhineland-Palatinate at the following link.


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