Innovation and quality - Made in Germany

Premosys GmbH has been dealing with non-trivial concepts for many years, with the main focus is the acquisition and evaluation of optical quantities from light and surface colors in production environments. We are at the forefront of technology in our business segments and offer a wide range of sensors and measurement systems.
With innovative concepts and solutions that have resolutions beyond human perception, we are the right partner when it comes to long-term stable products with a price / performance ratio that is unparalleled.
IIn close cooperation with our customers systems and solutions are developed that reliable do their service on many production sites worldwide.
We annually invests over 20% of its business volume in research and development. This helps us to develop new technologies and makes us very often a trendsetter and innovator. We have research laboratories and equipment that will allow us to meet the growing demands of the market in the future.
Sensors and measurement systems from our company are in the field worldwide in testing facilities and production lines. The range of products incorporates optical measurement systems, electronic development and customer specific OEM sensors. We deliver exclusively in the commercial sector with customers reaching from small businesses to ‘global players’.
We have our own patents and have submitted far-reaching patent applications together with customers as well. We are a reliable and highly regarded partner in development departments in industry and research. Our sales network covers the countries in which the majority of our customers are located.
Our self-assigned challenge is to provide systems and developments on the highest level.

We develop products and solutions in the field of optical metrology and industrial automation.

  • Development of optical sensor and measurement technology
  • Electronics development with hard- and software
  • Development projects and OEM solutions
  • Development of software under Windows, various microcontroller families
  • Mechatronics

The emphasis in all our developments is on simple operation, communication capability and miniaturization of the products. These are the objectives of our corporate enterprise. At the same time we offer other companies the possibility of implementing their own ides in the form of commissioned development.

ISO 9001

We are DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified