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Professional optical inspection systems for quality assurance

Premosys develops and produces optoelectronic systems for professional color detection and color measurement.

We offer innovative products used in industrial production and quality assurance. These solutions range from single- to multi-sensor measuring systems for optical variables to custom OEM products. The extremely reliable metrological products and solutions meet the continually growing inspection requirements of our clientele from various industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, electronics, foods, consumer goods, printing and medical technology. All our systems are simple to integrate, maintenance-free and long-term stable.



Abbildung: Rat für Technologie Rheinland Pfalz

Since 2010 the Council for Technology has at the behest of Minister President Malu Dreyer provided advice and counsel to the state government in matters of research, technology and innovation policy. The council members are appointed by Economic Minister Dr. Wissing in the name of the state government based on their demonstrated technical expertise in various sectors and areas of technology. The...

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Zertifikat: Premosys GmbH ISO 9001 : 2015

The transitional period for ISO 9001:2008 ends as of September 2018. In 2017 Premosys began converting to the new standard, attending two auditor training courses as part of the process.

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Foto: Defibrillator

“DEFIBS SAVE LIVES“ – in keeping with this slogan Premosys has installed a defibrillator in their main building.

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Auszeichnung Wirtschaftsmagnet 2018

The certificate for holistic and sustainably successful company management.

In January 2018 Premosys GmbH in Kalenborn-Scheuern in Rhineland-Palatinate was awarded the “Business Magnet” seal.

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Foto: Preisträger des Großen Preis des Mittelstandes 2017

At a ceremony attended by numerous guests from public life the winners and finalists of the Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business for Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland were honored at the IHK Academy Koblenz.

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Übergabe der Klimaschutzplakette „H.ausgezeichnet“

Trier, Kalenborn, November 8, 2017: Responding to climate change and its consequences is one of the great global challenges. District Administrator Thiel presented the Climate Protection Plaque of the Rhineland-Palatinate Energy Agency to Matthias Kuhl, Managing Director of Premosys. This is in recognition of the company’s new construction, which as a low energy consumption structure is making a...

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