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Premosys opens new technical center in Kalenborn-Scheuern

Rhineland-Palatinate Economic Minister and deputy Minister President Dr. Volker Wissing joined numerous guests from government and economics to open the new technical center of Premosys GmbH ion Kalenborn-Scheuern.

Photo: Welcome Dr. Wissing, GF Matthias Kuhl

Photo: Company presentation in the presence of numerous guests

Photo: Sightseeing of the production

Photo: Guided tour of the company

Photo: Matthias Kuhl (left), Dr. Volker Wissing (right)

Photo: District Administrator Heinz-Peter Thiel (left), Matthias Kuhl (center), Dr. Volker Wissing (right)

Photo (from left to right): District Administrator Heinz-Peter Thiel, Markus Kuhl, Matthias Kuhl, Dr. Volker Wissing

The futuristic looking building for development, production and administration sets new standards in industrial construction. With a highly energetic design, it is a unit integrated into nature which allows Premosys to continue to grow and carry out research and development as well as production on a world-class level.


The following features are innovative features of the new construction:

  • KFW 55 building, requires 45% less primary energy per year than comparable new constructions
  •   92 kW photovoltaic plant with an area of 600 m²
  •   20 kW block storage integrated
  •   Earth-coupled geothermal system with 9 deep-drilled holes 90m each
  •   SOL heat pump with 1000 liter water reservoir as energy reserve
  •   Geothermal is used in summer by switching to building cooling
  •   Ventilation system with heat recovery
  •   High-efficiency LED lighting, daylight control and presence detectors
  •   Aluminum windows with triple panes
  •   Building fully networked through KNX
  •   Barrier-free building with lift to provide disabled persons with free access.


Dr. Wissing was highly impressed by the concept and execution of the building and the products and technologies produced there. In particular, the products developed within the past 2 years will advance the company greatly and carry it into the future.


Commentary by Dr. Wissing: Color experts from Rhineland-Palatinate, those are the employees at PREMOSYS GmbH who develop and market systems for professional color detection. Uniform coloring is highly important for many products. Coffee needs to be evenly roasted, glass panes evenly tinted, or noodles a consistent yellow color, and here is where Premosys enters the picture. Today in Kalenborn-Scheuern I dedicated the newly constructed technical center for the company’s research and development, production and administration. This is a place where the future is created!


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