Lending color to automation

Sorting by color, color checking in incoming goods inspection of parts, color and print mark detection, checking self-illuminators (LEDs) for intensity and color and inspecting surfaces are just a few of examples of the myriad possibilities for color sensors.

eFLAT – Flexible Light Analyzer and Test System

The eFLAT systems are LED analyzers for parallel and automatic testing of both the color and intensity of self-luminous objects such as LEDs and displays. Sensitivity 3.5 to 10,000,000 Lux, luminance 0.5 to 2000 cd/m2.


PR0190 – Light Analyzer

The PR0190 Light Analyzer is a single-channel LED tester but can autonomously detect and check 3 different products. This long-term stable system enables very fast testing of LEDs under production conditions.


PR0126-C - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for demanding applications with memory for 3 or 7 products, detecting the finest color shades with high long-term stability.


PR0128 - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for detecting 63 products and finest color shades with high long-term stability.


PR0086-S - CIELab Color Checker

Online color measuring also for harsh production and environmental conditions. Reliably color detection of cristalline and inhomogeneous surfaces and products.


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