Just a glance inside a passenger car is enough to get an idea of how many different shades of gray are combined with each other in the installed materials – from the interior trim and imitation leather to the fastening clips. Although some shades of gray are impossible to distinguish with the naked eye even under very good light conditions, the nuances are still responsible for an attractive interior. It is therefore important for the automobile industry and their suppliers to inspect such components and their materials during the manufacturing process for their exact shade of gray. Color sensors from Premosys have been developed among other things just for this task and meet these requirements with long-term stability – even under changing ambient conditions.


These are systems for relative and/or absolute measurement of the optical properties of LEDs, colors and intensities, as well as for testing flashing LEDs. There are various systems for parallel and sequential testing of very dark to high-power light sources.


PR0120 - Opacity and Color Analyzer

Long-term stable color and opacity measurement for a variety of applications.


PR0126-C - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for demanding applications with memory for 3 or 7 products, detecting the finest color shades with high long-term stability.


PR0128 - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for detecting 63 products and finest color shades with high long-term stability.



The Quick-Match system is used for long-term stable inline color measurement in production environments. Applications include but are not limited to production processes for foods, plastics, granulates and films. This system is also suitable for inline colour measurement in extruders for plastics or for example foods.


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