Particularly in the foods and pharmaceuticals industry products and packaging often need to be detected based on their color and sorted accordingly. For example, inspections verify whether caps, covers or seals are present on packages. Likewise detecting colors is a simple way to determine whether products and packages are correctly marked with the intended labels. The color of the food itself also represents a quality feature and is often inspected and measured in-process.

PR0126-C - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for demanding applications with memory for 3 or 7 products, detecting the finest color shades with high long-term stability.


PR0128 - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for detecting 63 products and finest color shades with high long-term stability.



The Quick-Match system is used for long-term stable inline color measurement in production environments. Applications include but are not limited to production processes for foods, plastics, granulates and films. This system is also suitable for inline colour measurement in extruders for plastics or for example foods.


PR0086-S - CIELab Color Checker

Online color measuring also for harsh production and environmental conditions. Reliably color detection of cristalline and inhomogeneous surfaces and products.


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