Continuous inspection instead of random sampling

The range of applications for plastics is enormous and will continue to grow with the development of new compositions. Even now plastics are frequently replacing traditional materials. But the manufacturing of plastics is also becoming ever more complex with the increasing variety. The demands on production and on the machines themselves are growing. This makes it all the more important to use high-quality components for quality assurance both in the machine design and in production of the final product. One function of the Premosys sensors is based on not only comparing the measurement data with static reference values, but also dynamically tracking the reference values as a function of the measurement data. A typical field of application for these functions is in the plastics industry, for example in processing granulate for manufacturing housings, diaphragms, etc.

PR0120 - Opacity and Color Analyzer

Long-term stable color and opacity measurement for a variety of applications.


PR0126-C - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for demanding applications with memory for 3 or 7 products, detecting the finest color shades with high long-term stability.


PR0128 - CIELAB Color Sensor

Color sensor for detecting 63 products and finest color shades with high long-term stability.



The Quick-Match system is used for long-term stable inline color measurement in production environments. Applications include but are not limited to production processes for foods, plastics, granulates and films. This system is also suitable for inline colour measurement in extruders for plastics or for example foods.


PR0086-S - CIELab Color Checker

Online color measuring also for harsh production and environmental conditions. Reliably color detection of cristalline and inhomogeneous surfaces and products.


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