CIELab Color Checker PR0086-S

Online color measuring system in production and in the laboratory.

The CIELAB Color Checker PR0086-S system is an online color measuring system tailored for high absolute color accuracy. This color adjustment is done at the factory using an absolute calibrated reference spectrometer. The absolute accuracy for all colors is an average of ~1.6 dE. The relative accuracy, including between the systems, is less than ±0.5 dE. Calibration at the factory or by the user enables absolute values to be achieved which are equal to those using spectrometers.

  • Supply voltage 24 V DC
  • RS 485 interface
  • Optimal working distance 70 mm (CIELab)
  • Measuring area 70 mm at 70 mm working distance
  • Measuring frequency ~10 Hz
  • Illumination from integrated LEDs
  • Temperature compensation 10 to 55 deg. C
  • Differential measurement technique
  • Output CIELab, chromaticity and tristimulus via serial communication
  • WIN32 DLL available
  • Dust protection air terminal, 2 mm
  • Painted stainless steel
  • Absolute accuracy ~1.6 dE (average)
  • Relative accuracy <0.5 dE (between the systems) 
PR0086-SSystem for superimposed measurements
PR0086-S-70System for measurements at 70 mm distance
PR0086-S-70-15System for measurements at 70 mm distance and 15 deg. Angle (for shiny products)
  • Online color measurement in production environments

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