CIELab Color Sensor PR0128

Color detection systems you can rely on.

The CIELab Color Sensor PR0128 is a color detection system with integrated high-power light source for detecting media in the visible range of light, with the ability to distinguish the slightest color shades and the highest long-term stability. Up to 63 completely different products in colors from white to black can be independently parameterized and tested without changing parameters or gain levels.

  • Test parameters “ab“ and Intensity “L“
  • 63 products can be taught on the sensor regardless of gain
  • Automatic gain adjustment (Sensitivity)
  • Multi-language software tool
  • User calibration
  • Switching frequency 500 Hz
  • Light source LED white, 5600 Kelvin
  • Software automatically calculates the full Delta E
  • Temperature compensation over a range of 18 to 55 deg. C
  • Color calibration with Inter-Instrument Agreement <1 %
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC +/- 5 %
  • Wavelength range 400 nm to 700 nm
  • Serial and parallel interface – can be used in parallel
  • Coated aluminum housing
  • Color resolution <0.1 dE
  • Repeat accuracy <0.5 dE 
PR0128 63 products plus background
  • Highly precise and long-term stable detection, comparing colors in automobile manufacturing, foods and beverages, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals with large numbers of different products.
Datasheets PR0128
Datasheet PR0128 (DE/EN)

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