High Speed Color Sensor PR0139-LE

The PR0139 system is used for online color measurement in fast, continuous production processes.

The PC tool allows formats up to a max. length of 1.3 m to be determined. Within a format the area to be detected is defined using a cursor. Up to 10 freely detectable areas can be reliably detected and monitored regardless of speed at a resolution of 80µm (for speeds up to 100 m/Min).

The system includes a 100 MBit UDP Ethernet port with fixed IP address for integration into virtually any network. This enables access to the measurement data from any desired location.

The system is divided into processing electronics and the external light. This combination is long-term stable and highly precise. Color drift from aging effects such as illumination and heat etc. are reduced to an absolute minimum. Long-ternm drife is less than 0.2 dE.

The use of external optics means color monitoring can be accomplished even in difficult to access locations. Results are output in the standardized CIELab color space. Processing of the color information can be selected for Delta E or Delta E 2000.

  • Sampling rate 20 KHz selectable
  • Ambient light compensation
  • Processing in Delta E or Delta E 2000 freely selectable
  • Resolution 16 bits per channel in 11 gain stages
  • Synchronous detection of all color channels
  • 100 MBit Ethernet interface, UDP
  • WIN 32 DLL
  • Different lenses for variable measuring distances
  • Supply voltage 24V DC
  • Internal operating hours counter
  • DIN rail mount
  • Internal high power LED light source
  • Internal color measurement of the radiated light
  • Supply voltage for sensor electronics
  • Internal operating hours counter
  • Light source with 2 power stages (low and high, settable with parameter)
PR0139-LE Interface Ethernet UDP and Digital I/O
  • Long-term stable color measurement in fast production processes

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