I/O Modul PR0111-S

16-Channel In-/Output Module

Fast response with built-in intelligence. The PR0111 I/O Module offers 16 digital in-/outputs and is equipped with the intelligence of a controller. This increases the response speed by a factor of 4 to 20 compared with central controller architectures, thereby relieving the central processor. Each module appears as an autonomous communications point (i.e. with its own address). This makes the modules the ideal basis for automating machines having different configurable function variants.

  • 16 channels – selectable as in- or outputs
  • Controller supply voltage 12 V to 27 V DC
  • I/O supply voltage 15 V to 27 V DC, max. 25 mA , all channels off (not galvanically isolated)
  • Overload protection and suppressor diodes
  • Continuous current per output max. 0.5 A
  • Total continuous current for all outputs max. 3.9 A
  • Input circuit: optocoupler 15 V to 27 V DC
  • Interface RS485 – 4-wire – 115 KBd
PR0111-S In plastic base for C-rail mount
PR0111Without base
  • Decentralized intelligence in specialty machine building

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