eFLAT: Flexible Light Analyzer and Test System

Reliable, fast testing of LEDs with accuracies from laboratory measurements which can be carried over from the laboratory to production.

The eFLAT systems are designed for very fast, parallel and automatic testing of both the color and intensity of LEDs, displays, dashboard lights and other self-illuminators. The color checking system covers the entire spectrum of visible light from dark to the brightest LEDs and provides very precise color analysis and intensity detection with outstanding intensity detection and ease of operation. The sensitivity of eFLAT is 3.5 to 10,000,000 Lux.

  • 16 optical channels for parallel measurement
  • Sensitivity 3.5 to 10,000,000 Lux
  • Measuring times approx. 25 ms per cycle for all channels
  • Measured values output in x, y, Y, color temperature and dominant wavelength
  • Spectral resolution to 1 nm
  • Testing of flashing LEDs
  • Detectable wavelengths 400 - 700 nm
  • Optical results display for each measuring channel
  • Up to 255 user calibrations per measuring channel
  • Lux calibration by user possible
  • Serial and digital interface onboard
  • Supply voltage 12 to 27 V DC, max. 0.3 A (at 12 V)
  • Multi-language software tool
  • Optional WIN 32 Low Level DLL
  • White reference:
    • Colorspace x,y +/- 0,0015
    • Rel. intensity +/- 2%
    • Resolution CCT 100 K
  • Monochromatic LEDs:
    • Ldom <+/- 4 nm
    • Resolution Ldom 1 nm
eFLAT-232-44-channel system
eFLAT-232-8 8-channel system
eFLAT-232-12 12-channel system
eFLAT-232-16 16-channel system
  • LED testing / measurement
  • Display testing
  • Testing of other light sources for quality assurance in production environments

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