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Product Overview


These are systems for relative and/or absolute measurement of the optical properties of LEDs, colors and intensities, as well as for testing flashing LEDs. There are various systems for parallel and sequential testing of very dark to high-power light sources.


Color Detection

Our color detection systems have performance features for the most stringent requirements. The systems are characterized by great long-term stability even in unfavorable installation conditions and challenging applications. All systems are easy to integrate, maintenance-free and have long service life.


Fibre Optics / Lenses

A wide range of fiber optics in either glass or plastic is available. Custom fiber optics types, even for high temperature ranges, can also be produced on request. To cover the greatest range of applications we also offer various lenses.



The Quick-Match system is used for long-term stable inline color measurement in production environments. Applications include but are not limited to production processes for foods, plastics, granulates and films. This system is also suitable for inline colour measurement in extruders for plastics or for example foods.



We offer electronic standard assemblies for special application areas and various markets. This is a sampling of possible variants, but custom-developed products are also possible – simply contact us.