PR0228 Diffuse Lens, 8 deg. with gloss trap

The PR0228 lens is well suited for determining the degree of transmission or reflection from diffuse scattering samples. The design meets the requirements of DIN 5036 for diffuse reflection measurements, with the inner section – comprised like an Ulbricht sphere – is coated with barium sulfate. Using the changeable gloss trap you determine whether the directed beam component should be included in the measurement or not. For the measurement geometries using diffuse lighting as well as for transmission, the light source is simply brought in via fiber optic cable through an SMA connector. This provides a slightly convergent image of the light beam on the sample.

  • Exit opening 60 mm
  • Working distance 12 mm
  • Measurement area 17 mm
  • Fiber optic connection SMA
  • Changeable gloss trap
  • Lens inside diameter 80 mm
  • Barium sulfate lens coating
  • Black coated aluminum housing
  • Diffuse color measurement with matte and/or glossy materials

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