Extruder Insert PR0184

Extruder Insert with Sapphire Glass

Recording the color measurement values requires that a probe be located at the extruder discharge. The extruder insert – consisting of a sleeve with sapphire glass at the end – is screwed into a threaded hole. The melt flowing across the field of view thereby made visible. A high-temperature rated fiber optic cable is attached to the extruder probe which emits light on to the material, with the light reflected back returned to the color processor.

Both parts in this unit are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures and are designed accordingly.

  • Thread insert ½-20 UNF
  • Light opening 5 mm
  • Sapphire glass lens
  • Body titanium 3.7164
  • Pressure rated to 500 bar
  • Operating temperature up to 350 deg. C
  • Working distance 5-10 mm
  • Active measuring area at light exit 1.8 mm
  • Opening angle 65 degrees
  • Operating temperature up to 350 deg. C (fire lance)
  • Stainless steel jacket
  • Length 4 m (standard), other lengths up to 6 m possible
PR-LL-SG1,8-2-F-B-U1-8.0-…  Reflection measurement
PR-LL-SG1,8-1-F-B-U1-8.0-…  Transmission measurement
Fiber optic cable for connecting optics
  • Inline color measurement in the extruder
  • Inline color measurement of extruded parts
  • Inline color measurement of foods

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